About Team member

# RISE UP organization includes a variety of members who engage their talents, interests, change-makers. Those who join an organization are team members. However, not all team members become volunteers. Team Members have important roles in the organization and are dependent upon each other to fulfill their roles.

• Everyone is Welcome to Join as a Team Member.

• No Need to Come to the Office.

• No Special Experience Required.

• Always be Active in Response.

• Flexible Schedule.

How we Work

# Rise UP or Rights is working on various social/civic issues i.e. Domestic violence, Legal actions, Civic issues' Support to people who are helpless, Against social Evils, Women's Rights, Justice, safety for women by teamwork, Justice, and more.

Registration Charges

# One-time team membership.

The registration fee does not matter. but If we offer a free team membership then we get redundant people who negatively affect our mission which disappoints us.


  1. Our team will contact you after receiving your registration.
  2. Renewal ID card is mandatory. (will provide you an ID card as decided by our team.