What We Do


Feeding India -
Do not let anyone feel hungry, support us to provide food for the needy people.

Ready to Serve Food -
We cook food and serve food in the area for the needy people. We always try not to have any empty stomach.

Personal Issues -
Our Team here to Solve your Personal Issues, you can discussed in personal level with Rise UP Women Team or Men's Team. We are here to Solve your Problems.

Awareness -
Awareness programs to save human lives – i.e. Anti-Smoking / Stop Drug Addict / Stop Alcohol. (Section (4) of the COTPA 2003 prohibits smoking in all public places.)

Anti Begging -
Stop Begging to Save a Generation, Do you know that there are number of trafficking gang that forces children to go begging.

Women Empowerment -
For centuries women of all generations have had to struggle to be treated as equals.(i.e. training courses)

Human Rights -
All human beings are born with equal rights and fundamental freedoms.
We do Help to helpless

Domestic Violence -
Protect Human from Domestic Violence - Their are many types of domestic violence, including physical abuse (beating, mental abuse or emotional abuse or finacial abuse). The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 We HELP the Helpless.

Stop Child Labour -
The biggest crime which ruins the dreams of children and many of childrens goes on the wrong path, let's save child and give them a new life. (Prohibition and Regulation Act of 1986)

Enroll Children in School. -
Every child has the right to education whether it is middle or lower class. Help students who are facing financial problems.

Legal Aid -
Free legal assistance to the poor with our professional volunteer.

Civic Issues -
Number of problems in our city that called Civic Issues i.e. Road, Footpath and more, Let's develop our city.

Traffic Issues -
Making a survey report on traffic problems to get solution and action on illegal fines

Hospitals and Health -
Survey on Govt hospital and help to people who are unable to pay hospital fees or basic medecine.

Building Home for Poor -
Home for the homeless. i.e. Basic construction, Repair, Toilet, Paint or any.

Development Programmes -
Rural Development Water, Sanitation, Education. Health, Nutrition, Economic Development and more