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“Stand Unique, stay different- Be part of Revolution”

Rise UP For Rights is a registered non-profit organization based in Bangalore city, Karnataka, India. we as Rise Up fight for Rights of individual’s as a whole by working on various social causes in the city that are human rights, legal action, social, civic issues, traffic problem, Education, awareness, rural development, women and child empowerment, health, anti-smoking, anti-begging, anti-drugs, Economic discrimination against women besides their exploitation in various ways amongst the society and last but not the least to help students who are not good at financial states. As an upcoming venture we work for social progress and to improve the standard of living of each individual in collaboration with the Government of India and other honourable courts to better promote the cause of human rights into the society. We distinctively Rise Up to bring peace, harmony and Equality throughout the journey amongst us. A number of people are joining Rise Up for Rights to get justice. Rise Up is trying to help the helpless - give voice to the voiceless. The Missions of Rise Up are not easy but it makes it easy because of Teamwork. We as a team are always welcome to all to be a part of the Rise UP.


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