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Legal Matters

"Rise UP For Rights" offers FREE and Professional Advocates for legal cases. Legal matter means any Personal Dispute regarding rights such as domestic violence, Human Rights, crime, breach of trust, or any legal issue. Check LEGAL SERVICES

police harassment or any other department

"Rise UP For Rights" has a team of legal professionals and social activists who support you in cases where officers do not accept complaints, provide inaccurate information, behave inappropriately, delay action, engage in corrupt activities, or any other such instances.


We offer different ways to become a part of our community, such as joining our WhatsApp group, volunteering with us, engaging in legal discussions, and more. JOIN NOW


We are working together to put the power of law in the hands of the people.

Rise UP For Rights is a registered non-profit organization based in Bangalore city, Karnataka, India. we as Rise Up fight for Rights of individual’s as a whole by working on various social causes in the city that are human rights, legal action, legal support, domestic violence, help in lokayukta complaint, public grievance, social, civic issues, traffic, Education, awareness, rural development, women and child empowerment, health, anti-smoking, anti-begging, anti-drugs, Help in Police Complaint, Hire Advocate, Free Legal Support, Economic discrimination against women besides their exploitation in various ways amongst the society and last but not the least to help students who are not good at financial states. As an upcoming venture we work for social progress and to improve the standard of living of each individual in collaboration with the Government of India and other honourable courts to better promote the cause of human rights into the society. We distinctively Rise Up to bring peace, harmony and Equality throughout the journey amongst us. A number of people are joining Rise Up for Rights to get justice. Rise Up is trying to help the helpless - give voice to the voiceless. The Missions of Rise Up are not easy but it makes it easy because of Teamwork. We as a team are always welcome to all to be a part of the Rise UP.


Legal Support

Our Social Activist team is here to support you in any legal matters such as Human Rights, Family, Marriage
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Social Issues

The Team is here to receive your complaints related to civic issues like BBMP, traffic, or any.
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Apply RTI

Our experts will process RTI, so you don't have to worry about it. we are here to apply RTI on behalf of our.
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Personal Issues

Our Team here to Solve your Personal Issues, you can discussed in personal level with Rise UP Team.

Human Rights

All human beings are born with equal rights and fundamental freedoms. We do help to helpless


File Case, Legal Notice, Complaints, Legal Advice (Free and Paid)


Rural Development Water, Sanitation, Education. Health, Nutrition, Economic Development and more
Support us in CSR


RISE UP Org is helping innocent people who are victims of wrongful imprisonment by providing Legal Aid, Education, Lawyers, Awareness, or any Legal Assistance.

All our supporters rely on us for their success.

Our team works to achieve results for our society.

We Have Great Achivment To Show!!

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Support us for social development

Rural Development

There are many areas that do not have water, toilets, street light, or any facilities. we need your CSR support for them. It is a basic human right for all.

Women Empowerment

Education and Courses

Save Life

We can achieve results if CSR supports us to achieve results. If the government fails, we will repair it to SAVE a LIFE.

Education Rights

Everyone knows that education is a human right but the government fails to focus on this issue year after year which creates more problems in the future development of the children and this is also spoiling the future of our country. (human rights under education ngo bangalore)

Road safety - Traffic Issues Solving

Road safety is the main issue that is always ignored by the traffic police department, and we need to address it to improve the safety of all the people by adding such reflective lights, boards, and much more. Our team is an expert in this matter so just need CSR support. Bangalore

Health Camp or Hospital CSR

Everyone knows that a GOVT hospital is a kind of free service, but there are no such facilities in a government hospital, Due to the lack of good Govt hospitals and the lack of availability of GOVT hospitals, many people lose their lives. But CSR can support getting these health facilities.

Rise UP For Rigths welcome to CSR for the betterment

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Rise up for Rights NGO gave me a very quick response, I really appreciate this team working for human rights to support legal cases.


I am from Bangalore, was a victim of domestic violence, and was unable to get rid of this situation but luckily with the help of this human rights NGO solved my daily issue.


I am working in a multinational company and planned to join human rights NGO as a team and got good experience as well as a chance to contribute to social work.


My friend was illegally detained by the police so I contacted this human rights organization and got legal help to solve the issue. thank you rise up for rights ngo


I am a tenant and the owner used to harass me for unnecessary reasons. Then my friend introduced me to human rights organization and got good legal service as well as a good social activism team to get human rights.


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