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An act on Dowry at kaggalipura, Bangalore

Posted by: Rise UP For Rights
Category: Dowry Case

Note: Names of the People are Changed due to Privacy Concern and Organisation Policy.

I Prema G, who was the victim of Dowry and Physical harassment, beaten up badly by her Mother-in-law, husband, and brother-in-law. Upon that Prema G was kept away from her two children and tortured for money.
In-laws tried of this abuse and harassment went to her parental house. some of org and locals approached her also came forward to help her get divorced.

But, this was not what she was expecting!!

Through a reference, she approached come of our team members and requested to solve this family problem.
Prema G personally requested to Rise UP organization that I want my husband and my kids back, please do something like threaten him and I am sure we will have a happy life"
So, we asked her to file a complaint in Kaggalipura police station, the inspector took over the complaint. our org team personally looked into the case and called her in-laws and husband to the station including two more people who were threatening her for life. Inspector counseled them for more than 2 hours but Yet Prema G was not satisfied.

She approached us again telling us, 'I didn't like the attitude of the police, can you accompany me to the police station'

We along with our team and Prema G went to the Kaggalipura police station.
Prema G had 3 demand - 
1) Return 1lakh rupees to her mother which her husband has taken
2) To give back her pledged gold(her wedding jewelry which she got as a gift from her parents)
3) To keep her and their kids in a separate house and look them well

"Rise up for Rights" satisfied her with fulfilling all her demands. 
Prema G and her family is living happily hereafter.
Team Rise UP For Rights

To add on... The policemen in the station ignored us and made us wait for long hours. So, we went to higher authorities and filed a complaint against them. We received an apology from the police station and also we got a quick and positive response from the police.

Author :Rise UP FOR RIGHTS

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