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Prevention of Illegal Detention- An intervention by Rise Up for Rights, Bangalore

Posted by: Rise UP For Rights

Note: Names of the People are Changed due to Privacy Concern and Organisation Policy.

Saving an innocent Nepali security guard from false accusations by police.
A Nepali security guard who has been guarding apartments for many years was getting arrested. A concerned woman has seen the Security guard and his family for many years and has kept close contact with the guard, his wife, and kids. The guard who used to help the woman clean her car suddenly went missing out of nowhere. The woman asked his family about what had happened. According to the wife, the police took him for some inquiry regarding some cases.
When the woman asked his wife if this had happened before, she said that this was 3rd time. His wife was quite tense as it was happening for the 3rd time. The first police took him for two days and the second time for four days. He used to contact them through his phone, but there was no call from his side this time, and when she tried to call him, his phone was switched off. His wife was quite tense. They tried contacting the local police station (RT Nagar), which took him. But there was no proper response from their side. 
That woman called our team for assistance in finding out what happened. Our team learned that they did not have any proper documents like an arrest warrant while arresting him. Our team went to the apartments, contacted the women, and learned about the details and things happening there. Then they reached the apartment president and the owner. The owner was also quite annoyed by how the police behaved while taking him into custody. We got permission from the owner that we can legally proceed in this case. 
The guard's whereabouts were being updated to his wife through a policeman. Our team contacted that policeman, but there was no proper response at first. One of our team leaders called the police, and after a few words were exchanged regarding our background and the purpose of the phone call, we questioned the policeman about why they were illegally taking him. They argued that it was just for an investigation and he might be back soon. Our team protested that they could not take any person without proper documentation, and it is required if they want to investigate.
The police started to brief us about the circumstances they arrested him. The guard's relative working in JP Nagar's apartment did a theft in some house. He drugged the residents, took their jewels and valuables, and ran away. Previously the guard and his relative worked in the RT Nagar location. His relative gave the guard's address on his Aadhar card, through which the police found the guard and took him to custody to see the actual accusation. Later the police found that his relative has finally reached Nepal after roaming around many states. Police had to go to Nepal to catch that guy for that purpose. Police took the guard for further assistance. This was the explanation by the policeman. Before, the police did not allow the guard and his wife to contact each other. The police then set up a meeting where the guard and his wife were allowed to talk to each other with police presence, but this happened secretly. The police bluff us by mentioning a different location by holding the meeting in another place without our notice. Our team started to search for them. Police stole him to some hideout where he met his wife and children.

Our team further went on to higher authorities which scared the police and released him from the lock-up. The police explained that it was only for investigation purposes and nothing else. The next day, we contacted the guard to ask if everything was ok, and he went on explaining to us what happened during the duration of locking him. Later, police contacted our organisation, asking if we could help catch the thief in Nepal. Then we got to know from the guard's relatives that the thief was already arrested in Nepal and was on his way back to the Bangalore police station. 
Team Rise UP For Rights

Due to the intervention of Rise up for Rights, the case was solved. The illegal custody and all his suffering were avoided. The wife got her husband back without any legal issues. 

Author :Rise UP FOR RIGHTS

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