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Action against illegal towing, Bangalore

Here arrives the recent victorious effort of the RiseUp Team!
Did you always check whether you are parking a vehicle in non-parking spots or park it randomly? Had your vehicle been towed ever without proper executive action by the authorities? Have you ever bothered how these towing workers can drag the vehicles illegally? This has bothered us a lot. Traffic police hire private towing companies to cease the vehicles that infringe parking regulations. 
We have witnessed illegal towing, where towing firm employees and traffic authorities terminate vehicles in an ad-hoc and unlawful way, and we decided to fight against this atrocity. And we were keenly observing the issue for a long time, collected the appropriate proof against the towing workers and initiated complaints to various authorities. 
We have noticed many videotapes on social media depicting towing teams and traffic authorities bullying motorists. We launched a Twitter campaign to end the towing mafia. We encouraged people to volunteer to expose the alleged scam involving traffic police and private towing staff. Hemant K, RiseUp Team member, has pitched a drive against the high-handedness of towing team and traffic officers. We wrote letters to the Joint Traffic Police Commissioner of Bangalore, Traffic Police Inspector of Jeevan Bhima Nagar, and other authorities. These letters requested the cancellation of all private towing contracting working for Bengaluru traffic police. And how the towing contractors didn't follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), false towing and misbehaviour with vehicle owners. 
How can the towing workers lift the vehicles recklessly without checking that the vehicles are in "No Parking" limits? We made Jeevan Bhimanagar Traffic police take action against the officer in charge for improper supervision. He is suspended through our efforts. Measures were also brought against the staff and delisting for not following the SOPs. 

Our efforts made the CM Basvaraj Bommai action towards a new towing policy in the State. While addressing reporters on Sunday(30th January 2022), he pointed out, "While we expect all citizens to obey the law. We will not tolerate the high-handedness of towing companies or the police in pushing to implement it." 
Team Rise UP For Rights

Through our measures and vigilance, we were able to make the government take appropriate steps from the authorities involved in this issue. We are delighted that our small steps for upholding the rights of the people made the officers accountable to the People.

Author :Rise UP FOR RIGHTS

It was a difficult task, but the teamwork of Rise UP For Rights successfully got results to stop Bangalore traffic police towing which was illegal.

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