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An Action Against iIlegal Towing by Wilson Garden Traffic Police, Bangalore

Posted by: Rise UP For Rights
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On a Winter Afternoon at Shantinagar Surroundings! Our 'Riseup for Rights' team was rushing towards a complaint in Shantinagar TTMC Bus Station. In that rush, our team Vehicle was going to get parked inside Government building premises where the public also Parking/Parked. 

Our team parked the vehicle and proceeded into the Government building for the complaint procedure. When the team came back from work, the vehicle is missing. The people in the surrounding said that "The Traffic Police of Shantinagar tow your Vehicle; if you want your vehicle, go near the Police towing parking spot."

The team was surprised by Santhinagar Traffic Police's act that a Two-wheeler parked inside the Government Building premises is Towed Away Illegally! As Traffic Police won't have authority to Tow from Private Property and have a Board stating people who park outside the Premises of the Shanthinagar, Vehicle will be towed and not inside one's. Our Team immediately rushed to the RTO office as well as BMTC Office to enquire who given Permission. But in reality, no one knows. The team went by walk to the Commissioner's office and filed a complaint against the illegal towing mafia by Shantinagar Traffic Police. 

Later came back by walk, to the Towed vehicle Parking spot, with the legal team of the organization where Police had a few Discussion with us regarding valid order copy for towing Vehicle from Government Building Premises as that spot belongs to the Officer Vehicle Parking only. Finally, after discussions with senior Inspectors, they released the vehicle from that spot, and the team Drove back to the office.

Next day morning complaints from Organisation, including RTI, to all Government Authorities concerned about Orders for Towing Inside Government building Premises flooded into their offices. Later after a few weeks, we got replies from all Departments stating no valid Order is there. They provide the order copy of towing outside the Busstand Premises only. In between, Shantinagar Traffic police Called and apologize for their behavior. They reply to us regarding towing. 
Team Rise UP For Rights

At last, from all these instances, People are Freely Parking inside the Government Building Premises. Now no towing action is carried out on the Premises.

If want to Verify Spot:- Shantinagar Bus Stand, Next to A2B is only the Parking Spot where previously vehicle was towed, now heavy rush for parking is seen throughout.  

We all Observe this kind of irregularities in our system. Kindly Revert to ' Riseup for Rights' if you find any of this kind of Atrocities.

Author :Rise UP FOR RIGHTS

Team has rolved to this illegal towing issue within 2 days.

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