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Action Against Company Management, Bangalore

The company fired the delivery boy without issuing any notice!
Case location - Bidadi, Karnataka

Three boys worked as delivery boys for many years, but unfortunately, company management fired them without notice, which was a nightmare for those 3 boys. The delivery boys were so tense about the source of income for the next month to manage the rent of their house and food for the family.

Seeing the boys' problems, a friend of their acquaintance introduced them to our organization.

After receiving their complaint, our team reached the spot to investigate the complaint. Our team found that the company management had done wrong against the boys, but our team preferred to visit the company to discuss how to resolve the issue, but the company management was not interested and took our point lightly.

Our team took legal action against the company because they did not agree to solve the problem. The Rise UP for Rights team called the police and filed a complaint against the company.

After our team started the legal process against the company management, the company head directly contacted us to resolve the issue; after the discussion, the company management agreed to pay the amount for 2 months’ salary. 
Team Rise UP For Rights

The company has transferred the salary of 2 months to the boy's bank account and also given the relieving letter.

The case was solved within a week.

Author :Rise UP FOR RIGHTS

We do not wish to disclose the names of the boys and the name of the company. However it was happy ending of this case. (Case location - Bidadi, Karnataka)

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