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Human Trafficking

Save Human from Human trafficking - means trapping people through violence or sometimes people try to offer good job opportunities, try to trap their minds and most of the targeted girls in this trafficking. Men, women and children are trafficked in India for diverse reasons. Check more - WHAT WE DO

Anti Begging

Do you know that there is a begging gang that forces children to go begging. You should know about anti bagging. Encouraging a begging industry that demands more children by gangs to increase their collections. Check more - WHAT WE DO

Stop Child Labour

Lets Save the Children - As we know that child labor is the biggest crime which ruins the dreams of children and many of childrens goes on the path to earn money. - WHAT WE DO

Stop Child Marriage

Lets Save the Children - Child marriage is one of the biggest crimes in India, but after that people are not worried about it. The children are not aware that the wedding is happening in real, The girls also spend their lives as slaves. Check more - WHAT WE DO

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  1. Rise UP For Rights Ngo is a Non Profit - Rise UP being the one platform for all the issues and compliments on various causes to work for social progress.
  1. Rise UP For Rights being an NGO working on all the social and issues, gives you to explore , learn to handle issues and feel proud of self for the contributing back to the society. Click to JOIN NOW
  1. You can send complaints to RISE UP through email help @ riseupforrights.in our tem will reply you within 24 hours.
  2. Our team always tries to help you on any kind of public issue. Check more What We Do

Your donation helps us a lot in various ways i.e. education support for needy students who are in financial problem, starting a small business for women, starting rural development, supporting people in medicine or health check up in hospital and moreā€¦(Trust is more important so you can verify our work before donations )



Awareness to save human lives - Tobacco, smoking, drugs are killing future generations, if we do not stop them then it will be terrible future of our India. All of us should join hands with RISE UP to take action. -

As you know begging is the crime and terrible future of our India. let's stop begging to save people

Women in India have to endure many ordeals in their day-to-day lives. For centuries women of all generations have had to struggle to be treated as equals.